12 Mar

I have a proclivity to falling down the stairs.  It seems that every six months or so I take a nasty spill down the stairs.  My time came Thursday night at 3am.  I was carrying something so I didn’t get a chance to catch myself, and I fell.  I fell hard.  I actually cried I hurt so bad.

Thursday evenings suck to get hurt because our chiropractors aren’t open on Fridays, and I need to sit in pain wait until Monday morning.  So, here I am in a ton of pain.  I prayed for God to heal me so I can pick up my kids without wincing in pain.  But I don’t believe he will heal me. Why not?

When faced with disbelief I remember that God is all powerful.  He parted the Red Sea, for pete’s sake.  So, if he can heal me, why wouldn’t He?  Is it because he doesn’t want to give me good things?

Sometimes I forget that he is good.

Miss Beth Moore shed some light on this for me.

  • God’s will for us is good (Romans 12:2)
  • God’s purpose for us is good (Philippians 2:13)
  • God’s work in us is good (Philippians 1:6)
  • The hope God has given us is good (2 Thessalonians 2:16)
  • The works God created us for are good (Ephesians 2:10)
  • The fight God called us to win is good (1 Timothy 1:18-19)
  • The fruit God produces in us is good (James 3:17)
  • The gifts God gives us are good (James 1:16)
  • God equips us with everything good (Hebrews 13:21)
  • God works all things together in our lives for good (Romans 8:28)

God is good.  He may not heal my body right now.  Even though I can’t understand it God is still working for my good.

PS  Praise God for arnica.


One Response to “Good”

  1. Leah March 13, 2011 at 8:31 am #

    Love it! Hope you feel better soon. Stop falling down the stairs!!

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