Hold the Cheese, Please

7 Mar

After weeks of trying to fix Ambrose’s sleep problems I stumbled on a excerpt about reflux and poor sleep habits.  “Frequent vomiting.” “Slow weight gain.” “Reluctance to eat or signs of pain when eating, such as stiffening up, arching his back, or pushing away from the breast.” “Baby wakes up frequently…” Yes, this sounds like Ambrose. At his 4-month check up our doctor confirms our diagnosis. 

What’s the cause of his reflux?  Breast milk oversupply?  An immature GI tract? I long suspected a sensitivity to dairy.  In fact, I took Ambrose into the doctor while he was 3 weeks asking if he had an allergy/intolerance to cow’s milk proteins only for the doctor to say “You’d know if he did.”  I asked another pediatrician, our midwife, and other parents, and they either debunked the idea or said “maybe.”  Nothing strongly indicated I should cut out dairy from my diet.

After an appointment with Lori, our Craniosacral Therapist, I was inspired to finally stop eating dairy.  No cream in my coffee, no cheese on my sandwiches, no butter, no chocolate.   Immediately Ambrose was better.  He went from spitting up ~30 times a day to maybe twice.  He was a new kid!!  Happily squealing.  Sleeping much, much better–even giving us stretches of 8-9 hours.  And smiling a ton!  Then I unfortunately indulged in a meal full of dairy products (it was delicious at least) and Ambrose reacted poorly to it.  Back to his old self.  Definitely a dairy sensitivity.

Being dairy free for three weeks has significantly helped our little guy.  It’s been a real challenge for me to cut out dairy!   Many of our regular meals contain cheese or butter, our store-bought bread contains whey, and we cook our oatmeal with milk.  Our Saturday morning pancakes were horrid tasting with water instead of milk.  And no more chocolate?  Painful.

The silver lining in this all is Ambrose’s new attitude.  A happy baby makes it all worthwhile!!


2 Responses to “Hold the Cheese, Please”

  1. Meg March 7, 2011 at 9:35 am #

    Glad it is helping Ambrose 🙂 Have you tried Almond milk? I use it for cooking sometimes because I can’t have much dairy. Worth a shot. Love you.

    • Mike and Becca March 7, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

      I have tried it. Actually, I tried it again this morning. For some reason almond milk and my tummy don’t get along. Almond milk leaves me feeling like someone took my stomach and tied it in knots. I wonder if that’s how Ambrose felt on dairy? poor kid.

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