The Plague

4 Mar

We are on Day 9 of The Plague.  This has been one nasty, nasty cold.  The Plague has no qualms about attacking entire families–infecting even sweet 4-month old babies.

Sick kiddo

After working in the nursery at church with a very obviously sick child (goopy, green boogies and all), Mike was the first to fall victim to this nasty cold.  Four days later, I too, became sick.

I had a fever with the chills.  After caring for my fever with cool wash cloths and tylenol, I managed to bring my fever down to 103.6°.  The Plague also brings along a horrendous sore throat (an 8 on a scale from 1-10) and some massive sinus congestion.  Our family has gone through 5 boxes of Kleenex and 6 rolls of toilet paper.

Things got so bad I cried for my “Mommy’s” care.  Unfortunately, Mommy is 350 miles away.  Fortunately, she is compassionate, and she still finds a way to help even if she can’t physically be here.  Her love language is gifts (yes, Mom, it is).   Kowalski’s arrived with some meals and groceries to help us through the week.  Thanks Mom!

Dear Plague, our family has been more than generous to allow you to stay for so long.  But, I think it’s time you be moving on.  I don’t think you will be missed, but you will be remembered.  Please leave now.  PS.  I think you owe the baby an apology–he’s far too young to be subjected to such nastiness.


One Response to “The Plague”

  1. Mom March 18, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    you are most welcome! It is the least I can do.

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