Oh, Hello Chaos

8 Feb

My apologies for not keeping up any form of correspondence.  I have been terrible with returning phone calls, sending out cards (birthday, thank you, anniversary), attending any function, and, of course, updating our blog.

These past couple weeks have been crazy chaotic.  Not the typical we’re-still-getting-used-to-having-a-baby-around chaos, but a new found chaos only from a lack of sleep.

You see, the Dude is not a fan of sleeping.  We have already begun the bedtime battles with this little guy.  (Actually, the bedtime battles began the day he was born.  After he was born he was supposed to take a super long nap and he never did).  He’s never been one to fall asleep while nursing, and he always goes down “awake but drowsy”.  Unlike we did with Hazel, we’re on top of his sleep habits and have been sleep training with him for a month or so. Let me just say he’s a  terrible sleeper!  Every 45 minutes he gets up.  Day and night.  Every.45.minutes.  Okay, so that’s an exaggeration.  He does sleep for about 5 hours between 6pm and 11pm.  But then he’s up every 45 minutes.  Exhausting!

We’ve been busy trying to figure out why this is happening and stop it.  He does sleep noticeably better after he gets his chiropractic adjustment or sees the craniosacral therapist…but we can’t do this every day (but I try!).

So, our house looks a little like a tornado struck.  And our relationships have suffered lately.  When you think of us please be praying for rest for our family, and know that we’re not deliberately trying to be rude (or crabby)–we’re just very, very sleep deprived.


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