Blown away by generosity

25 Jan

Mike and I often talk about Minnesota culture and how it’s sort of a each man for himself type culture.   “Minnesota Nice” is not really nice at all.  It’s more of a be-sweet-to-your-face-then-talk-about-you-behind-your-back kind of “nice.”  Minnesota culture is very passive aggressive, and you’re often left to wonder what someone really means if she says “I’ll do the laundry tomorrow”–Does it mean “please do the laundry for me today” or “I’ll do the laundry tomorrow.”

This past week I’ve had a taste of true Minnesota “Nice.”

Saturday we escaped arctic cold and headed to the tropics of the Minnesota Zoo indoor exhibits.  It was a last-minute decision so I only packed a lunch for Hazel.  After Hazel finished her lunch Mike and I split her leftover PB&J, raisins, and carrots.  It was pathetic.  At the table next to us, a family was celebrating a birthday with presents and Byerly’s cupcakes.  Mmm, those cupcakes look tasty.  I really want a cupcake. Lo and behold, the mom just happens to have three extra cupcakes and offers them to our family.  Yes, please!

Then on Sunday (after an amazing Packers win that is taking them to the SUPER BOWL!!) I found out I won a giveaway over at Ashley Ann Photography.  I won a $50 gift certificate to a keepsake jewelry store.  I hardly ever win a free soda let alone a giveaway out of 518 entries!  (Okay, this isn’t “Minnesota,” but it was still amazingly generous!).

It doesn’t end here.

Monday I took the kiddos to an indoor playground with some other mom’s from church.  I figured $5 was well worth it for Hazel to blow the January stink off.  We got there and the woman in front of me paid for us!  No way!  Then, as we were leaving Hazel had an emotional breakdown.  She laid on the ground crying as I strapped Ambrose into his car seat.  Next thing I know she’s sitting at a kiddie picnic table eating apples with another family.  Another Mom offered my daughter a treat!  I talked to the Mom for a little and was amazed at her gentle spirit.

Okay, the generosity continued into today.  I was in desperate need of going grocery shopping, so I braved going to Rainbow with both kiddos in tow.  Hazel sat in the cart and I carried Ambrose in the Maya Wrap.  (How do you other moms go shopping with a toddler and a baby who can’t yet sit in the cart?  Our Chicco KeyFit doesn’t fit on top of the cart like other car seats.)  After I gracefully grocery shopped with my 2 blessings, I struggled to pack my groceries.  And wouldn’t you know, I got help.  I got help to pack my groceries and load them into my car.

Hazel also got a free cookie from the grocery store.  Not one that they typically give for free, but a large M&M cookie.

And a friend from church also gave us two new-to-us DVDs.

I’ve been blown away by the generosity of others and now I’m itching to love on someone else.  What are you doing to show kindness to others?


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