Quest for the Perfect nursing bra

11 Jan

If hearing about bras, nursing, or my bra size makes you uneasy, I suggest you quit reading.  I’m hoping this information helps someone in a similar situation of wanting to feel beautiful while nursing.

I’ve been on a mission since mid-2008 to find a great nursing bra.  Sadly, my endeavors to Motherhood Maternity have only ended in so.much.frustration.   Each time I’m there they considerably mis-measure me, give me bras to try on that obviously don’t fit, and tell me “sorry, this is the best bra you’ll find in ‘your size’.”  The only nursing bra I have ever liked from Motherhood Maternity has been their sleeping bra, and, let’s be honest, that bra gives no support.

Upon realizing that I would never find the perfect, let alone a decent nursing bra at Motherhood Maternity I turned to the wisdom of other moms.  Target nursing tank.  Ehhh, not so good.  Goddess Nursing Bra #511.  Better, I suppose.  Medela Comfort Nursing Bra.  Definitely not perfect.  What’s a girl to do?

Finally I went to Nordstrom’s.  The professional bra fitter measured me as a 32G.  What???  I suppose I am nursing, but I never would have guessed that–I’ve been stuffing myself into a 38D (per Motherhood Maternities “expertise”).  Tried on the Elle Macpherson MomamiaSo, this is how a bra is supposed to fit.  relief. This bra gets an A-.  Still not perfectly supportive, but light years ahead of the others.

Then I found it.  The perfectly supportive, comfortable, and not-so-grandma-looking bra.  The Anita 5041*.  Ladies, this is the perfect nursing bra for a larger bust but smaller frame.

The Perfect Nursing bra

*Since they don’t make a 32G I found a 34F to work just fine.  When increasing a band size the cup size decreases and vice versa.

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