Failed attempt at Story Time

5 Jan

This morning both kiddos were in a sweet mood and were well-rested, (and I had a car for the first time in weeks!), so I decided to venture on over to the library for Story Time (goal #51).  We were in the story area for all but 5 minutes before sweet Hazel started running around, ripping stuff off the wall, dumping stickers on the floor, and yelling at the librarian (as she read) for her to hold her and read her a different book.  I got the I-think-it’d-be-best-if-you-leave look and took the hint…sort-of.

I took Hazel and Ambrose out to the main part of the library thinking Hazel may enjoy picking out some books of her own.  Wrong.  She started screaming and threw a gigantic temper-tantrum.  I told her we were all done, and she yelled “More.  More.  More!”  Then another librarian asked me to leave.  Yes, I got kicked out of the library.  I picked up my kicking and screaming toddler and left.  Maybe we’ll wait awhile for Story Time.


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