101 in 1001

3 Jan

New Year’s resolutions are often some lofty plan to end hunger or start a highly profitable business…or go to the gym daily.  Never anything I can accomplish.  So this year Mike and I have decided to make a list of 101 realistic, yet challenging, goals we’d like to accomplish in the next 1001 days.  These 101 goals are things that have been on our t0-do list for a while, and by publishing them we’re hoping to be held accountable to accomplishing these tasks.

Start Date – 1.1.2011

End Date – 9.28.2013

1. Blog about my 101

For my soul:
2. Read the entire Bible following these tips
3. Read the Bible in chronological order
4. Read Proverbs at breakfast daily
5. Make an effort to pray when I feel anxious or worried
6. Read Mere Christianity
7. Audit an apologetics course
8. Complete a new Beth Moore study
9. Revisit Beth Moore’s“Fruit of the Spirit” study

For my mind:
10. Read 35 books
11. Read 5 biographies/autobiographies
12. Relearn the state capitals
13. Relearn the presidents
14. Learn 10 Russian words
15. Complete the Financial Peace University home study
16. Have 15 unplugged days– no internet, phone, music, etc

For my stomach:
17. Indulge in a Chocolate peanut butter ice cream cone and not feel an ounce of guilt
18. Bake flan
19. Bake a pie from scratch
20. Make 15 Martha Stewart Recipes
21. Order room service

For my creative bone:
22. Sew a baby quilt
23. Sew a skirt
24. Sell something I’ve made
25. Tie dye something
26. Sew 5 projects from “One Yard Wonders”
27. Finish the headboard for our bed
28. Create a craft box for the kids
29. Do a tutorial

For my marriage:
30. Get dressed up and go on a fancy date with Mike
31. Spend a night at the St. Paul Hotel
32. Get engagement/wedding ring replated

For my Family:
33. Go on a family vacation
34. Have a campfire in our backyard and make s’mores
35. Carve a pumpkin for Halloween
36. Make a snow angel
37. Have a snow ball fight
38. Go sledding
39. Go mini golfing
40. Go apple picking
41. Potty train Hazel
42. Read Dr. Dobson’s “Bringing Up Boys”
43. Read Dr. Dobson’s “Bringing Up Girls”
44. Organize Ambrose’s baby memory box
45. Teach Hazel 20 new signs
46. Visit Nick and Johanne in North Carolina
47. Have Hazel take a dog for a walk at local animal shelter
48. Learn to cut Ambrose’s hair (not a buzz cut)
49. Get a family picture once every 3 months
50. Purchase a collection of Little Golden Books
51. Take kiddos to story time at the library
52. Paint Hazel’s toenails
53. Serve breakfast in our bed for the whole family
54. Draft a Will

For my friends:
55. Send a letter to my high school co-workers
56. Send a care package to a soldier in Afghanistan
57. Leave flowers on a neighbor’s doorstep
58. Bake a random cake for a friend
59. Host a summer brunch with some Moms (Dads can watch the kiddos for a couple hours)
60. Attend someone’s birth
61. Have a neighbor over for lunch

For my Health:
62. Do the 30 Day Shred
63. Take a group fitness class
64. Run a 5K
65. Give up treats for a month
66. Become a CSA member
67. Clean the house chemically free
68. Floss every night for a month (at least)

For my home/organization:
69. Get a fireproof safe
70. Paint our coffee table
71. Release 10 books via BookCrossing
72. Dry clean vintage red wool coat
73. Make a ready-made grocery list
74. Transfer all files from the desktop to the laptop
75. Send out christmas letters before Christmas

For my ego:
76. Find a flattering haircut
77. Wear real lipstick
78. Find a nursing bra I love
79. Get my tattoo touched up

Just Because:
80. Leave a tip that’s equal to the total cost of the bill
81. Buy a lottery ticket
82. Donate dog food to the animal shelter
83. Go one month without purchasing anything new besides the absolute basics (gas, toiletries, groceries)
84. Have a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise

Mike’s goals:
85. Create a stable housing plan
86. Purchase a family vehicle
87. Take Mila on a walk 2x/week
88. Study a book of the Bible
89. Go on a quarterly date with Becca
90. Develop 2 new close friendships
91. Attend a Packers game
92. Shoot a nice buck
93. Sell the boat
94. Go antelope hunting
95. Purchase a handgun
96. Recruit a new member to deer camp
97. Get a gym membership
98. Re-upholster a chair
99. Attend a Gopher football game
100. Purchase coffee from the Coffee Beanery and brew a pot using Grandpa Al’s suggestions
101. Catch up reading National Geographic from 2009 and 2010

How about you?  What are your 101 goals?


One Response to “101 in 1001”

  1. John Stefani January 3, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    Last year I read the bible from cover to cover. As I started, someone told me that that’s not the best way. I still couldn’t figure that out why skip around. Since it was written and arranged in a particular order, then I felt it should be read in that order.

    It was good for me to read it from beginning to end. Now when I going back over it, I really understand it much better and get a deeper meaning of the passages.


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