Settling Down

11 Nov

It’s been a while since our last post.  For nearly the first three weeks of Ambrose’s life, we were blessed with great help from family.  Now we’re settling into a new normal and are really enjoying our new family dynamic.   Ambrose continues to reveal his patience and Hazel continues to reveal her…well, she’s the opposite of Ambrose.

Hazel really is doing well as the “Big sister bear” (as she calls herself).  She makes sure Ambrose has his hat on, keeps his pacifier near, and she’s anxious to let us know when he cries.

Sibling love!

They like each other:)

Since I am still apprehensive about leaving the house with two kiddos, we’ve been enjoying a lot more time at home.  This means a lot of play time for Hazel and Mommy, and since Ambrose sleeps a lot I haven’t had to divide my attention between two children all that often.  (I love the newborn stage!).  Although, there have been a few times when Hazel has objected to me holding Ambrose–“No, put Ambrose back.”

The kids and I survived our first weekend completely by ourselves while Mike went hunting.  Friday was somewhat challenging, but then we actually enjoyed the rest of the weekend.  I figured if I could make it through a whole weekend by myself with multiple children, I’m up for pretty much anything.  So far, so good.

Little diva!

This boy looks like his Daddy


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