11 Nov

This year for Halloween Hazel dressed up as a peacock.  We’re pretty sure she dressed as a male peacock.  A female peacock wouldn’t make for a very fun costume.  So Hazel dressed as a male peacock  in the morning and as a duck in the afternoon.


Quack, quack

While Grandma Patt watched Ambrose, Mike, Hazel and I went trick-or-treating around the block.  She was adorable walking up to each house saying “trick. treat.”  We though she wouldn’t know that she was getting c-a-n-d-y at each stop, but somehow at the end of the evening she was demanding to eat her “chocolate candy.”   “Candy” is a new word in Hazel’s vocabulary now.

This man dressed up as a vikings fan
We loved trick-or-treating with Hazel

Trick-or-treating was a great way to meet people in our neighborhood.  We met so many young families!

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