The Birth Story

2 Nov

Baby G2 was due to arrive Wednesday, October 6.  That day came and went and no sign of Baby.  Another week passed, and still no baby.  At my appointment with the midwife on October 13, they told me I would need to have an ultrasound at 41 1/2 weeks pregnant  to “check in” on our baby.  I scheduled that appointment for 1:45pm on Monday, October 18 and prayed that Baby would come before then (I really did not want to have another ultrasound–especially one that they scheduled for 2 hours!).

I went to bed Sunday, October 17 still pregnant and slightly discouraged.  Just before 1:00am I woke up to slight cramping.  I woke up Mike and we decided to sleep through a few more contractions if we could.  We only slept for 20 more minutes and decided to get up and get things set up for our labor.

Once up and moving my contractions seemed much more irregular, and I wasn’t even certain I was in true labor.  I just continued to walk around and sway in circles, doing as my body told me to do.  I was experiencing some back labor and couldn’t get comfortable during or in between contractions.  Around 2:00am I had some pretty powerful surges so we decided to call Aszani, our midwife.  I told her “We’re in labor, but this labor seems to be progressing much slower than Hazel’s.  Already an hour into Hazel’s labor, contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and I was in a lot of pain.  This time the only pain I feel is in my back–we’re not sure we need help just yet.”  She had said that she’d come soon for support with the back labor.  That was around 2:15am.

Aszani told us to get the birth tub filled up right then, so Mike filled the tub while I labored.  Things remained calm–I turned on some music, Mike and I shared a few laughs, and I worked with each contraction that came.

Soon enough the contractions got painful and I went to lay on the couch.  While I laid Mike applied counter-pressure to my back.   The back pain was unbelievably intense at this point, and for the first time, I thought “An epidural sounds pretty good.”   Little did I know that I was in transition–the hardest part of labor when the cervix dilates from 8 to a full 10 centimeters.  Then there was a break in contractions and in the back pain–it was heavenly.  I was completely dilated at this point (but again, I didn’t know it–I thought I was still in early labor).  I laid on the couch resting and Mike told me he was going to get up and email his work:).  We’re still laughing about this one.

I then got the irresistible urge to “go.”  Only, I didn’t need to “go,”  I was ready to push!  Mike helped me to the bathroom where I sat on the toilet and began pushing Ambrose out.  Mike sat in front of the toilet on a birth ball, and I leaned up against him while I pushed.  I remember leaving sweat marks all over his t-shirt.  We did this for a few contractions, then all of a sudden, I realized I was pushing.  “Mike, I think I’m pushing.”  I stood up panicked because Aszani wasn’t here yet and I was already pushing!  I wasn’t supposed to get in the birth tub until a midwife was present, but I wasn’t going to have this baby on the toilet!  I reached down and felt his head, and then I ran to the birth tub and hopped in.  Never have I felt so relieved.  I loved the way my body felt in the warm water.

While I climbed in the tub, Mike called Aszani at 3:15am and told her things were going much quicker than we thought earlier.  She said she was on her way.

I continued to push in the birth tub, and then I heard Aszani come in the door.  She took a look at me on all fours in my pool and said that I was going to have a baby any minute.  I pushed again and felt the ring of fire.  His head was out.  I asked if our baby had hair–he did.  I heard Mike ask if our baby was safe under water–he was.  I pushed again and his shoulders were out.  Pushed just a little more and the rest of his body slipped out.  3:26am.  Mike grabbed our baby and said excitedly “It’s a boy.”  I quickly turned over and saw him face to face for the first time.  The first thing I noticed about him were his eyes–they were wide and beautiful!  I was in love with my son!

Soon after Ambrose’s birth our second midwife Kate arrived.  She had just missed his arrival by a couple minutes.  It was time for me to push out the placenta.  After a few pushes the placenta was out…followed by a LOT of blood.  Mike took Ambrose (and the placenta) and our midwives helped me out of the tub.  The next hour was spent stopping the hemorrhaging (which was just as painful as birth!) and snuggling with our little man.  Kate gave me and Mike a “tour” of the placenta–what an amazing organ!  She showed us where my water broke, the 2 veins and 1 artery in the cord, and fat deposits and calcification indicating the age of the placenta.  Our midwives were amazing!  I felt well-cared for.

Aszani and Kate stayed until after 6:00am making sure we were stable, giving us postpartum instructions, washing our towels, making sure we took to nursing, and getting us something to eat.  It felt so warm, comfortable, and familial, and Mike and I felt so thankful to have had the birth experience we were hoping for.


One Response to “The Birth Story”

  1. Caro November 2, 2010 at 3:23 pm #

    That’s amazing!! Thank you so so much for sharing. It’s truly inspiring to hear such wonderful birth stories, especially natural home births! God is so good! Love you guys. 🙂

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