Raising Butterflies

17 Oct

In August, I was taking a walk during my lunch break and I found a monarch caterpillar.  I decided to bring it home so that Hazel could watch it grow into a butterfly.  I found a large glass jar and put some milkweed in it for the caterpillar to eat.  One Friday I came home and the caterpillar was nowhere to be found.  I didn’t know what happened to it, but since it was out of the jar it was fair game for Hazel, Mila, or the Roomba.  When I went back to work Monday, a coworker had brought in some milkweed for me.  I broke the sad news that the caterpillar was missing.  I was about to toss the milkweed when we spotted, of all things, a tiny monarch caterpillar on it.  So, I brought it home to try again (this time with a better lid on the jar).  A couple of weeks later we found the first “missing” caterpillar.  It had crawled up the trim on our window and turned into a cocoon.  So, in the end, Hazel got to raise two monarch butterflies.

monarch hatching on our window


fishing the butterfly out of the jar


One Response to “Raising Butterflies”

  1. Shannon October 17, 2010 at 7:45 pm #

    That’s so cool! What a great experience for Hazel and Dad! What do monarch caterpillars look like?

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