Blessings in an Unexpected Bill

28 Sep

We have a boiler and radiators for heat in our house. It’s really efficient heat, and we actually like it a lot. One of the weird things about having hot water heat is that we need to have a plumber come and service our boiler each year.  Friday we had the plumber out for a standard boiler service check.

The standard check turned into a 2 1/2 hour visit (at $150/hour!), the discovery of 2 serious gas leaks, and a $700 bill. Imagine the wrenching feeling as I wrote out a check for $700 when we were only expecting to pay $100. Ouch!

I had some words with God. Basically I told him that I’ve been faithful with the money He’s given us and that I’m not asking for prosperity. “I’m content with our living situation. Why then, would you hand us this bill when we just pre-paid out-of-pocket for our birth and you know we don’t have the money?”

Clear as day the Holy Spirit said to me “First off, you have the money. Second off, you’ve not been faithful with My money. And lastly, this plumber saved your life, and you’re complaining?”
Me – “Wait, where is this said money? And how haven’t I been faithful?”
God – “I’ve given you much lately and asked you to give it away. You know where My money should go and you’ve chosen to selfishly pay off your debt. My people needed you and they still do. Take the money I’ve given you and give it away, pay this bill, and the rest is yours.”

God was right. We had the money. Cash from birthday presents, garage and craigslist sales; property tax refund; and an unexpected check from an overage in our mortgage escrow. All this money totaled up, (to the dollar) of our plumbing bill and the amount that we both felt God wanted us to give away. He’s amazing!!!

It is a joy to see God provide for us.


One Response to “Blessings in an Unexpected Bill”

  1. Linda Wenzel October 18, 2010 at 7:04 pm #

    Mike and Becca, I loved the story. It is totally amazing how the Lord does provide…not always according to our will…but His.

    Together in Christ

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