Terrifically Two

1 Sep

Hazel celebrated her 2nd birthday yesterday.  She’s been a part of our lives for two years!!!!  The past two years have taught me so many things about parenthood, marriage, and life in general.

  • I have so much more patience than I thought humanly possible.
  • The most important part of parenting is staying united with Mike.
  • Raising my voice only accomplishes one thing–fearing my child.  Disciplining is much more effective in a calm, controlled voice, with instruction and forgiveness.
  • Cloth diapers are no more disgusting than disposable.  Poop is poop no matter what diaper it’s contained in.  I actually find disposables much more disgusting–they’re full of nasty chemicals and the poop just sits in them for all eternity rather than being flushed down the toilet.
  • One can survive on much less than thought necessary.  God’s taught us so much about his provision.
  • My child will do the things I swore to never allow her to do.  She still uses her pacifier at 2, runs down the aisles in stores and in front of the stroller at the zoo, gets super dirty in our sand driveway
  • I will do things I swore never to do.  I put my child on a schedule, use cloth diapers, let her cry it out, feed her hot dogs, cereal, super sugary treats, and lots of other things toddlers shouldn’t eat.

Parenting is sanctifying experience and an exciting journey.  I wouldn’t trade this time in my life for anything.  Praise be to God for making me a Mom and for allowing me to experience motherhood in the way many moms cannot!

I love this Munchkin!

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