Teachable Moment

27 Aug

Hazel loves balloons.What kid doesn’t?

After a Mom’s outing to the apple orchard today, Hazel and I stopped at Kowalski’s grocery store.  This is one of our favorite grocery stores because they always have great samples for Mommy and balloons for Hazel.  Hazel waited patiently as they untied two balloons for her.  She then walked around the store banging her balloons and giggling.  It gave me such joy to see her delight in her balloons!

Upon getting out to the parking lot I instructed her to hold tightly to her balloons and tried to tie them to her wrist.  She fought and lay down screaming in the middle of the parking lot…cars all around.  So, I picked her up, explained what would happen if she let go…and…she let go.  Her precious balloons floated away.

It pained me to see her so upset about losing her balloons, but she had disobeyed.  I had to explain to her about the consequences of disobedience.  I wanted to protect her balloons (and her happiness).  She wanted nothing to do with my protection.   She disobeyed, fought my protection, and her balloons floated away.  She immediately understood what happened once I explained to her and responded with “Sorry Momma.”

I love teachable moments, but I wish they didn’t need to come with such heart-wrenching consequences.

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